Wildmex Surf and Adventure

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Roundtrip from Sayulita to La Lancha (Punta Mita) $20 USD per person



Minimum people required for this Session is 2 People

These trips are designed for those Intermediate or Advanced Surfers who want to have a real taste of the best waves in the area.

One of the great perks in the area is the boat-only accessible surf breaks,  which host waves for different ability levels. There is also a wide array of land-accessible breaks which also host great quality waves under adequate conditions. Depending on the current conditions, guest’s ability level, and their budget, we will choose between land accessed or boat accessed breaks to get you surfing.

What's Included What to Bring

  • Surf Board
  • Leash
  • Rash Guard
  • Guiding and instruction
  • Transport from Sayulita to Punta Mita

  • Sunblock
  • Small backpack
  • Comfortable Walking Shoes
  • Bathing suit
  • Drinking-Water
  • Towel
  • Some Cash


Activity Location



Meeting Locations






Cancellation Policy

WildMex offers the best quality surf tours and activities in Punta Mita and Sayulita! To accommodate each of our guests, all of our excursions are exclusive, requiring previous reservations.

ACTIVITIES: SURF / SUP / MTB / HIKE / BOAT TOUR *Restrictions Apply on Holidays

  • 24 hours or more notice – full refund.
  • Less than 24 hours notice (last-minute cancellations) –70% adventure credit or 50% refund.
  • No-show, or late arrival – No refund. 50% adventure credit.
  • Boat or snorkeling activities have no refund or credit for any reason.

*Restrictions: During Christmas, New Year (Dec 22- Jan 6 th), Holy Week, and Easter due to our high demand:

  • 48 hours or more notice – full refund.
  • Less than 48 hours, as well as a no-show, and late arrival – No refund.


  • 90 days notice –50% refund on accommodation and full refund on Surf Lessons.
  • Less than 90 days notice (last-minute cancellations) – no refund, Full credit on the Surfing portion of Camp.

NOTE: Once your surf camp started, surf lesson reschedule require:

  • 24 hours or more notice – reschedule date or time.
  • Less than 24 hours, as well as a no-show and late arrival – a lesson lost.


  • Guests are responsible for meeting at WildMex Punta Mita at the agreed time to go back to their original meeting point at Sayulita.
  • If you’re not on time at the agreed time or location, it will be your responsibility to make your way back to Sayulita.


  • If Wildmex considers it necessary to reschedule our services due to Bad Weather Conditions, you can;
  • Choose a different time on the same day.
  • Choose a different day.
  • 70% refund.

In the rare case WildMex, with 20+ years of experience, has to cancel your activity due to precluding Weather Conditions you will get:

Full refund.

Note: Our Staff is paid "per event", we try to schedule them as far in advance as possible so that our guests can get the quality service they deserve and our staff can plan their lives. Our Cancellation policy is intended to honor our staff's time and effort, and to help us provide a well-planned and memorable experience for our guests.

Our Day Activity Cancellation Policies

  • Full payment required to book activity
  • Cancellations with more than 24 hours notice get a full refund. "Boat or Snorkeling activities have no refund for any reason"
  • Cancellations with less than 24 hours (last-minute cancellations) do not get a refund. Yet, if you would like to rebook guests have 70% credit to reschedule.
  • No refund or reschedule credit on cancellations during the Holiday Season (Christmas and New Year's)
  • Wildmex is not responsible for the ocean or weather conditions; we do our best to choose the best location for our guests, however, due to the nature of the sport, conditions are not ideal sometimes
  • 30% cancellation fee on cancellations due to illness made with less than 24-hour notice.